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Program of the 11th ICEF-CInSt International Moscow Finance Conference (Moscow time: GMT+3)

October 14th, 2022
Moscow, HSE University (Room F201, 11, Pokrovsky blvd, and online)


10:25-10:30    Welcome address, Vladimir Sokolov (ICEF HSE), Maria Semenova (CInSt HSE)

10:30-12:30    Session I

Chair: Maria Semenova (CInSt HSE)

  1. Chen Chen (Monash University), Difang Huang (University of Hong Kong): Managerial Incentives and Consumer Lending: Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment.
    Discussant: Alin Andries (Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi)
  2. Jiaxing You (Xiamen University), Shanshan Wei (Xiamen University), Jingjing Xia (Wenzhou-Kean University): A Crafty Rabbit Has Three Burrows: Strategic Response to Tax Enforcement in Business Groups
    Discussant: Vladimir Sokolov (ICEF HSE)
  3. Seungho Choi (Queensland University of Technology), Raphael Jonghyeon Park (University of New South Wales), Simon Xu (University of California at Berkeley): Environmental Regulation, Pollution, and Shareholder Wealth
    Discussant: Alexey Boulatov (ICEF HSE)

12:30-13:00    Coffee break (room G203)

13:00-14:00    Keynote speech I

                        Chair: Alexey Boulatov (ICEF HSE)

                        Sergey Tsyplakov (University of South Carolina): Bank Bailouts

14:00-15:00    Lunch

15:00-17:00    Session II

Chair: Vladimir Sokolov (ICEF HSE)

  1. Xiang Li (Boston College): Bank Competition and Entrepreneurial Gaps: Evidence from Bank Deregulation
    Discussant: Maria Semenova (CInSt HSE)
  2. Dmitriy Muravyev (Michigan State University), Neil D. Pearson (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Joshua M. Pollet (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign): Anomalies and Their Short-Sale Costs
    Discussant: Vincent Fardeau (ICEF HSE)
  3. Paul Decaire (Arizona State University), Denis Sosyura (Arizona State University): On a Spending Spree: The Real Effects of Heuristics in Managerial Budgets
    Discussant: Sergey Stepanov (ICEF and FES HSE)

17:00-17:30    Coffee break (room G203)

17:30-18:30    Keynote speech II

Chair: Vincent Fardeau (ICEF HSE)

Lucy Chernykh (Clemson University): Credit Risk Management in Failing Banks: Evidence from Accounting Measures


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