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Head of the Laboratory

Vladimir Sokolov

Associate professor, ICEF HSE, Head of the Laboratory, PhD University of Notre Dame (USA)

Research Coordinator

Christian Julliard

London School of Economics, Research Coordinator of LFE, PhD Princeton University (USA)

LFE researchers

Alexei Boulatov

Professor, ICEF HSE, Research Advisor, PhD UC Berkeley (USA)

Sylvain Carré

Assistant Professor, ICEF HSE PhD EPFL

Emiliano Catonini

Assistant Professor ICEF HSE, PhD Bocconi University (Italy)

Vincent Fardeau

Assistant Professor, ICEF HSE PhD London School of Economics (UK)

Luca Gelsomini

Assistant Professor, ICEF HSE PhD University of Warwick (UK)

Dmitry Makarov

Associate professor, ICEF HSE PhD London Business School (UK)

Udara Peiris

Associate Professor, ICEF HSE PhD University of Oxford (UK)

Sergey Stepanov

Assistant professor, ICEF HSE PhD Universite Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium)

Associate researchers

Dmitry Livdan

University of California Berkeley, PhD University of Pennsylvania (USA), PhD The City University of New York (USA)

Norman Schürhoff

Senior Research Fellow

Sergey Severinov

Research assistants

Lyubov Gorbunova

Ivan Gordeev

Alexey Gromov

Amir Hairutdinov

Hyen Jin


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